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About Us

Who we are
Diego Ioppolo

Diego Ioppolo


I conceived the project in late 2014 and here at cityinaweek I'm a busy handyman working as Travel Designer, Street Photographer, Content Writer, Web Designer and Developper.

In my life I'm a Sr. Digital Artist, focused on Vfx and Motion Design and I work for several international brands and agencies.

Alessia Salamone

Alessia Salamone


I assisted Diego since the first raugh draft of the project and now I take care of all the "food suff" here at cityinaweek and I'm also a Travel Designer Assistant and Content Editor.

In my life I'm a Cultural Mediator and I'm majoring in Marketing Management and Corporate Communications.

Our Mission
cityinaweek mission

cityinaweek mission is to revolutionize 21th century people's way to travel offering travel plans shaped with love by real travelers and a series of useful tools in order to make it even better. We also cherish all other travelers and we are committed to develop innovative solutions for all of them. To let this happens we work daily to improve our knowledge, to understand the most innovative technologies, what is happening in the world... what will happen...

we explore...

we observe...

we travel...

for you…

Our Vision

"To travel is to live"

H. C. Andersen

We trust a better world where everyone can travel in a better way.

We want people to enjoy traveling…

We want they live…

Our Values


we look at the future


we like beautiful things


we aim for the best


we do all of this with our heart


we love multicultural enviroments


we want you to enjoy your life